Constant urge to pee ? Why this happened

Constant urge to pee ? Why this happened
Constant urge to pee ? Why this happened

Constant urge to pee ? Why this happened ? what am i going to do with this constant urge to urinate okay it’s all the time not just at night so there’s three main causes number one a   uti which is a urinary tract infection number two.

You have blood sugar issues high levels of sugar   now it could also be a pre-diabetic situation or even insulin resistance we’ll get to that in a bit   or a kidney stone so if you have a kidney stone that can also cause this   so if you’re male it could be that your prostatebis enlarged.

If you’re female it could be because   you have a fibroid and of course you can just have an infection   or it could be just a kind of a precursor to even pre-diabetes now if you happen to have to pee but you feel that your bladder isn’t fully emptied and you want to be able to figure out if that’s the case all you have to do is after you go to the bathroom press just above the pubis bone okay which is down in the front part of the pelvis and you press in there and if you have the urge to  pee that means that your bladder is not empty and that could mean.

Urge of pee : Pumpkin’s seeds :

If you’re a guy the prostate is  slightly enlarged in which case you need to avoid dairy products you need to avoid soy products  and of course you need to do keto and intermittent fasting too and you will probably see huge changes  with that and there’s two other remedies that i would recommend in this situation number one  pumpkin seeds.

Salad :

You can do that as a supplement or you can start eating pumpkin seeds  right after your meal there’s a certain phytonutrient in pumpkin seeds  that not only helps the prostate but it can also increase the flow of urine the other thing.

you want to do as well is consume large salads because that is going to increase the potassium  and also the amount of fluid that goes through your body so you’re not retaining fluid  if you’re consuming foods high in potassium it can act as a diuretic and the last thing. i would recommend for men would be something called saw palmetto which can decrease the  very powerful form of testosterone called dht so that would be the recommendation for that.

Now this recommendation is for men and women and it’s very important in fact it’s the most important thing. you should do whether you’re urinating at night and by the way it’s not normal  to urinate at all through the night as well as having frequent urination through the day okay  the number one thing to do is go on a low carb diet and really do it for real cut  your carbs way down of what to do think about this fluid water  follows sugar and carbs.

So if you’re doing more sugar and more carbs you’re gonna have more  water going through the kidney and you’re going to have excessive amount of urination so you want to  do the healthy version of the ketogenic diet with intermittent fastingbnext thing is if you have a uti not only will the ketogenic diet help that but there’s a couple  great remedies one would be d mannose take 1500 milligrams a day and you can split it up to the  day or one time it doesn’t really matter the other tea that seems to work really good is called coqui  tea and you can drink that to the day not right before bed though and pumpkin seeds.

which will  increase the flow of urine and help you empty the bladder not to mention large amounts of salad and  vegetables to increase your potassium so you’re not retaining any fluid all right go ahead and  apply this.

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