High protein foods guide 2021

High Protein food guide that makes the building blocks for the body.  It is that vital element the body utilises to make, grow, maintain and repair organs,  muscles and skin. Kids need it to boost growth while adults need it for proper functioning.

High protein foods guide 2021
High protein foods guide 2021

Luckily protein is naturally present in many foods   as it’s a very important part of the journey to a healthier version of you.  

Eating foods high in protein offers a range of health benefits like weight loss, feeling fuller  for longer and muscle building. Wondering which delicious foods are dense in protein? Cottage cheese? Chicken breast? Black beans?  read till the end to learn about foods that are delicious and rich in protein.


Eggs are a staple in kitchens across the globe and are considered to be one of the healthiest foods  on the planet. All the high protein food is concentrated in the whites while the yolks contain all sorts  of varied nutrients. In fact, it contains almost every nutrient needed by the body. Quick to make,  versatile and readily available, literally everywhere, the humble egg packs quite a punch.

Chicken breast

Chicken breast is a great source of high protein food minus the fat. Preserve your metabolism by going for a  well seasoned, grilled, boneless chicken breast with a side of veggies. Strengthening bones and  building muscle has never been so easy. Low in sodium and packed with the goodness of natural  vitamins, eating just 3 ounces of it regularly will keep your muscles looking toned as ever!


Do you know that oats pack more protein than most  other grains? Let’s admit it, oatmeal is a little hard to love. However, when made properly with  some bananas and milk topped with fresh berries and peanut butter, it doesn’t taste that bad! Due  to the rich protein, minerals and fiber content, oats should already be a breakfast staple. Other  than that, oats can be a healthy, delicious and filling choice for people with gluten intolerence.

Black beans

Black beans pack some  serious protein content while allowing the body to process calories more efficiently.  These beans can be prepared in a multitude of ways and reduce the chances of developing  several chronic diseases. Next time you’re confused about what to have for lunch,  a power packed shrimp and black bean salad or black bean taquitos can be your rescue meal.


Humans have  been eating beef since prehistoric times. It can be crowned as the king of protein.  Eating it regularly supports muscle mass and growth and helps reduce feelings of lethargy.  Did you know that out of the 10 essential amino acids, beef contains 8? This means that  it also contains certain nutrients that supports cognitive function and ensures overall well being.


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