Why you need to eat 4 eggs a day.

Why you need to eat 4 eggs a day.
Why you need to eat 4 eggs a day.

Why you need to eat 4 eggs a day ?. I want to talk about why I consume four eggs every single day many years ago and I noticed they didn’t invite me back and I called him up I said why can’t I come back and do another seminar because I do a seminar series and they said well you’re recommending 45 eggs a day I said no no no no I didn’t say 45 eggs a day.

so one of the key reasons that I consume eggs on a regular basis not only do I enjoy it but eggs have the greatest anabolic effect okay anabolic means that it’s turning into muscleprotein or other proteins.

so it’s building more protein in the body I have a little scale here that shows these percentages and the type of protein so egg forty eight percent of it actually turns into body tissue and I’m not talking about even absorption I’m talking about forty percent of that eggactually turns into your body tissue and that’s pretty much the highest no counting breast milk unless.

You’re a baby you’re not gonna be able to get it now when we take meat fish file that’s 32 percent okay much less an egg white is 17 percent which is fascinating because that cholesterol and fat actually help in the anabolic effect look at soy only 17 percent it might b high in amino acids but it does not turn into body tissue that well dairy whey this would be like cheese and whey 16 percent very small spirulina six percent.

so if we take 4 eggs comes out to 24 grams of protein times point fou eight so eleven point five two grams are actually turning in the body you look at me 24 grams only 7.68 grams of it is actually turning in the body tissue so you’re gonna have to consume more meat to get the same efficiency as for eggs.

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